Driving Customer Insights and Customer Service Excellence: See How Island Wing Co Does It

Established in 2012, this beloved family restaurant, nationally renowned for its baked wings—never fried—craft beers on tap, burgers, and live music, boasts over a dozen locations in the South.
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The challenge

The Island Wing Co faced several challenges in effectively gathering customer feedback and analyzing customer data across both their online and offline. Their lack of a comprehensive system for capturing and consolidating customer insights made it difficult for them to understand their customers' preferences and experiences fully. Additionally, The Island Wing Co needed a solution to track customer satisfaction and service ratings for their staff members across multiple locations, as manually consolidating service ratings had become a time-consuming and complex process.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, The Island Wing Co implemented the Momos platform to capture and consolidate customer insights, track staff performance, and increase online reviews. 

Thisled to a 2x increase in their Google Review Velocity within 3 months, with an impressive overall ratings boost of 35%. The substantial lift generated on their Google ratings not only boosted their online presence but also led to an increase in search visibility, driving more traffic to their website and resulting in increased footfall to their physical locations.

With Momos in place, The Island Wing Co could easily track and analyze customer satisfaction and service ratings for their staff members across all locations. This provided management with valuable insights into their workforce's performance, enabling them to recognize top performers, address customer concerns, and identify areas needing improvement. By leveraging the feedback collected through Momos, the Island Wing Co could consistently enhance the customer experience, boost staff morale, and improve overall satisfaction.

By gathering thousands of new feedback points on staff performance and preferences, the Island Wing Co drove data-driven decisions to improve their customer experience at each of their locations. With the new customer profiles they acquired, The Island Wing Co was able to build better campaigns with personalized promotions, increasing repeat diners, driving a 15%+ repeat visit rate for the customers who just filled out the surveys. 

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