Momos drives thousands of new customers to OUE restaurants

OUE Restaurants is an award-winning group of brands that's all about creating incredible dining experiences for diners. Their famous brands include Delifrance, VUE, Chatterbox, and Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient Chen's Mapo Tofu. From fancy to fast and casual, they've got it all covered.
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The Сhallenge

The Marketing team at OUE restaurants oversees the entire brand strategy for all of their restaurants, including engagement, marketing, and customer acquisition. With a lean team, they neededa more efficient solution for customer engagement across channels, as well as an accurate way to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The marketing team also wanted to find a way to use their customer data to drive sales, but faced challenges in consolidating insights across channels to understand all their customers. Being forward-looking and focused on growth, the OUE team sought advanced yet user-friendly technology to stay ahead amidst the digitalization of the F&B industry.

The Solution

With Momos' easy-to-use platform and quick implementation, OUE Restaurants was able to save time, streamline their work, and focus on what mattered most.

In just a few months, they experienced an increase of 50% in customer response rates, acquired more than a thousand new customer profiles, and up to 20% retention rates through selected campaigns. Launching ad campaigns through Momos, they gained valuable insights into their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and reduced costs through Momos' digital Offers, resulting in a > 30% increase in digital voucher redemptions and achieved 30x ROI on sales.

Momos' analytics also helped OUE Restaurants gain insights on the quality of their service,driving their fastidious workflows to higher operational excellence across dine-in and deliveries.

Momos has become an integral part of the OUE Restaurants' growth story - and not just growth, Momos has become a necessity for productivity, customer engagement, and brand love.

Сustomer Quote

Thanks to Momos, our team has been able to streamline our work and focus on what matters most. Their platform saves us valuable time, cost, and effort, and it offers detailed insights and valuable recommendations for improving our sales performance. We couldn't be happier with the results!

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