Poke Theory: Customers rave about this home-grown brand through Momos

Founded by siblings Joey and Vannessa, Poke Theory first opened its doors in 2016 and sold out in just two hours. Six years later, Poke Theory continues to expand nation-wide and opened its first international location in 2019.
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The Challenge

As its brand grew, Poke Theory needed a solution to drive customer engagement, marketing and brand awareness. While their business was expanding, the management team needed to keep up with their growth while keeping operations lean.

Momos: One platform for everything

Momos solved all of this for Poke Theory with its full Customer Engagement and Marketing suite. With fuss-free and immediate implementation, Poke Theory was able to get Momos up and running immediately, saving man hours and costs, while driving customer growth.

  • With Momos' Growth Marketing tools, Poke Theory was able to attract new customers with targeted campaigns across multiple platforms, all-in-one place.
  • With Momos’ Microsite, Poke Theory can get its customers to their food, faster than ever. With all of your locations, links, all in one place, Momos makes talking to your customer, simple.
  • Poke theory has also Automated its Customer Service with Momos. With chatbot, and auto-response tools, Momos makes thanking your customers easier than ever.
  • Consolidated Reporting: No more downloading reports from ten different places. Momos helps Poke Theory pull all the information needs, all in a few dashboards. Data ready to go, at your fingertips

With Momos, Poke Theory has gotten back to focusing on what they do best: Poke Bowls that their diners love.

Сustomer Quote

Vanessa Lee, Poke Theory Co-founder

Momos has quickly become a valuable platform for every F&B business. Since using Momos' marketing and customer engagement suite, our brand has grown significantly, and we've seen improvements based on our customer feedback. The Momos team has created a fantastic, easy-to-use product that has been missing in the industry. We can't live without it

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