Driving Customer Experience with Momos: EN Group’s Triumph

EN Group, established by Managing Director Raymond Ng and his brother Peter Ng in 2000, has since grown to a leading group with over 50 locations in operation, housing a portfolio of successful brands including Aburi-EN, EN Dining, Kiwami, Tamago-EN, Monster Curry, Monster Planet and Tempura Makino.
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The Challenge:

With multiple brands, over 50 locations, and four active brand managers juggling between customer review response and marketing, EN Group encountered cumbersome challenges in effectively managing and consolidating customer feedback. The intricacy of ensuring streamlined customer service, and the exhaustive process of navigating through numerous daily reviews from platforms like Google My Business and various delivery platforms, followed by detailed report generation—it was not just laborious, but highly time-consuming.

The Solution:

Momos redefined the future of Customer Experience Management (CXM) for EN Group. Incorporating automated review responses that are powered by AI and collective customer feedback system across all its brand profiles, EN Group transformed its laborious manual tasks into smooth, streamlined, and efficient processes. This proactive strategy helped brand managers regain roughly six hours per week, enabling them to redirect their efforts to enhancing other critical areas like seasonal menu and promotional campaign planning.

The integration of Momos' CXM solutions didn't just de-clutter feedback management - it marked a turning point in EN Group's customer experience strategy. The dramatic reduction in manual processes and the time saved enabled brand managers to concentrate on enhancing strategic areas like campaign planning for seasonal menus and promotions. It infused efficiency into the organization and diffused the complexities associated with maintaining brand-specific customer experience.

The true success for EN Group lies in the remarkable transformation from processing feedback to actively managing and improving customer experience, all thanks to Momos' robust CXM solutions. The reinvented strategy has resulted in streamlined processes, amplified customer satisfaction, and propelled the brands towards accelerated growth.

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EN Group

We used to take at least 1-2 working days consolidating reviews data across all 50 outlets for our weekly reporting to Management but ever since we’ve come onboard with Momos, the time spent has been greatly reduced to just 2 hours! Really appreciate the concise and insightful data your product has built.

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