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We drive the entire customer lifecycle across your entire brand, both online and offline
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Momos boosts your online ratings so you are seen everywhere so more customers can find you
94% of consumers read reviews
Momos boosts your online ratings so you are seen everywhere.
Build your  online presence, increase your reviews, and boost your rankings. Our Microsite brings in all of your platforms, and gets the diner to purchase from you quicker.


Acquire customer feedback and customer data both offline and online
73% of consumers prefers digital experience, both in-store and online
Get your customer in the door.
Collect customer data and to get them coming back.
Drive customer experience and have them engage with your brand.


Drive AI-powered automated customer service with consolidated customer insights
71% of consumers would recommend a brand with quick response
Create happy customers with unified customer service. All of your customer interactions, across reviews, chat, email and forms, all in one place.
Automate your customer satisfaction with AI. Make sure your customers are heard, at all times.


Engage your customers with better customer data and better marketing campaigns
80% of consumers more likely to visit with personalized offers
Better campaigns with better customer data. Custom customer profiles means only the most relevant marketing for your customers.
Targeted marketing with personalized offers, vouchers and coupons across every channel.
Track campaign success in real time, all in one place.


Track the entire customer journey and bring back more customers
Acquiring new customers costs 5x more
Build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.
Track repeat visits, and start your Customer Lifecycle all over again for your power customers.
Leverage on customer data, get ahead of the competition with data-driven decisions and skyrocket your F&B business's success.

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Customer Experiences
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