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We’ve been there, and we’re here for you. Momos was created with restaurants in mind, to solve the challenges that a modern restaurant faces.
Put it under a single pane of glass, and add a data and analytics layer on top.
Our Story

Make good food
And People Will Come

If only it were as simple as that. When the global pandemic hit in 2020, the team was busy running restaurants across the globe. However, an unprecedented shift in dining behavior fundamentally changed the restaurant landscape. So, we built a product that helps restaurants modernize into the new normal.
Running a restaurant is hard. We experienced it firsthand. Dozens of platforms are all vying for your time and space, across delivery, discovery, and social. While Momos might not grow your restaurant for you, we certainly try to make it easier.

Momos Timeline

Our global team members each have their own story to tell. We’re also obsessed with food.
Momos was founded to help restaurants globally attract and retain more customers.
Raised capital from leading global investors including Sequoia and Alpha Wave.
Supported over 2000 restaurants.
Expanded to the United States, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.
Continued its growth trajectory by expanding further to the Philippines.
Introduced two exciting new products - Customer Care and Customer Activate - to help restaurants grow globally.

Get Acquainted With The Momos Team

Our global team members each have their own story to tell. We’re also obsessed with food.
Sai Alluri
Co-Founder & CEO

Sai Alluri is the Co-Founder and CEO of Momos. An early Uber employee, Sai quickly transitioned to the F&B world by running hundreds of restaurants while at Grab. Momos is a culmination of all the tools we wished we had at those restaurants. We're bringing those tools to you.

Sai's mom makes the best pickles in the world, and is finally learning to embrace seafood.
Andrew Liu

Andrew is the other Co-Founder of Momos. A lifelong foodie and recovered finance professional, Andrew worked on over $9 billion worth of financings while at Grab. Andrew started his career in Silicon Valley and now splits his time between the US and Asia.

Andrew is incredibly opinionated on Mexican food, and once ate 5 double-doubles from In-N-Out in under 6 minutes.
Grant Oliveira
Head of Product

Grant is a founding team member and Head of Product. Grant joins Momos from Microsoft, where he's been a GPT3 Stan since the beginning.

Grant is proudly Portuguese, and ranks Bifanas as the best late-night food in the world.
Lelend Tran
Head of Engineering

Leland is a founding team member and leads our Engineering organization at Momos. He was previously at Intuit helping small businesses feel more connected.

A hardcore street food connoisseur, Leland can be found at anytime at your local hawker center in Singapore, or at the Japanese supermarket only after 6PM.
Davi Dubinski
Head of Sales

Davi is a founding team member and our Head of Sales. Based in the US, Davi has spent the last few years getting ingrained with exactly what Restaurants want and need.

Davi has lived all over the globe, including stints in Mongolia, Miami, and Russia, though he really prefers a good Cubano.

Improve how your Restaurant Operates

Momos is custom built for restaurants everywhere. Our tools and reports save you time and help you better measure your business so you can grow your restaurant effectively. Go back to running your restaurant, and leave the rest to us.
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For a Restaurant - What Does the Customer Journey Look Like?

Customer Journey:
  • View Social Media Post 
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad 
  • Google Search    
How Momos Supports:
  • Social Media Boosting
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads (+ Vouchers)
  • Boost Online Ratings 
Customer Journey:
  • Check Ratings & Reviews
  • Message Restaurant
  • Visit Website
How Momos Supports:
  • Review Management
  • Momos Chatbot
  • Branded Microsite
Customer Journey:
  • Walk-in
  • Make a Reservation
  • Order Food Delivery / Pickup
Share Feedback
Customer Journey:
  • Share positive feedback online
  • Complain about a negative experience
How Momos Supports:
  • Online Reviews and Messages
  • Direct Surveys
  • Webform Enquiries 
Customer Journey:
  • Return again as a repeat customer
How Momos Supports:
  • Momos Vouchers 
  • Facebook/instagram Ad Retargeting 
  • Build Customer Database

Our Locations

Momos was built to support restaurant partners globally.  
We have offices in the United States, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and teammates globally.

Abu Dhabi
Hong Kong

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We are a Business Intelligence and Analytics platform for the Restaurant industry. We help restaurants harness data, and maximize revenue through our data, and marketing tools.
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