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Why Customer Care?

Elevate Your Customer Experience
Our 360-degree approach ensures that your customers have a seamless experience across dine-in, delivery, and pickup. With our Unified Inbox, you can provide a top-notch experience that keeps Diners coming back.
Listen to Your Customers
Gather valuable feedback with our custom surveys and gain insights into your customers’ preferences. Use this information to tailor your offerings and keep them engaged.
Quick and Helpful
Automate responding to your customers with our AI tools and ensure that every question gets a speedy and helpful response. Show your customers that you care and value their time.
Resolve Issues with AI
Momos advanced analytics tools track customer feedback and sentiment, giving you valuable insights into what your customers are thinking. Make data-driven decisions and watch your customer loyalty soar.


With Momos, we could easily monitor store performance, launch marketing promotions, and attend to customer feedback across five different restaurant platforms all in one space.

It enabled us to draw valuable insights into store performance, advertisements, and customers through metrics not easily attained elsewhere.
Oue Restaurant Group
Momos has been a great help in saving us a lot of time and effort with their clear and easy-to-use system.

It provides detailed analysis with constructive suggestions to help improve sales performance.
Shake Shack
Enlightened Hospitality is the cornerstone of our business at Shake Shack, and Momos empowers us to further
elevate our culture of hospitality digitally
through their comprehensive reputation management tools.

Momos consolidates our online reviews in one platform, which takes the work out of monitoring inquiries so we can seek out moments to provide generosity and go above and beyond just routine support.

Their automation tool provides a safeguard so no guest slips through the cracks and we ensure every guest feels heard.
Team Udders
Momos has been a time saver in helping us to manage our online delivery platforms! It is easy to use and provides detailed consolidated data for online sales and marketing performance.

The team is also very supportive and great to work with!
Poke Theory
Momos has quickly become the platform that every F&B business needed, but never had. In the 6 months that we have been on Momos, the product has grown exponentially, with feedback taken into consideration and implemented swiftly where appropriate.

Our goal was to "live" on Momos for a multitude of digital marketing, social media management and data reporting services and we are seeing that happen in real time.

Thanks Momos team for creating & continually improving a fantastic product that has been missing in the industry all this while. We can't live without it!

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