Restaurant Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Platform

Track Sales & Metrics Across All Channels

Understand how your restaurant is performing across delivery, dine-in, online, and reviews. We created these tools specifically with restaurants in mind. No frills, no fluff, only the data you need.
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Leading studies show restuarants increase their sales by 10% by adopting analytics
The same studies show that restaurants can increase their overall profitability with better understanding of their business
Fives times the efficiency. We consolidate all your reports into one easy-to-use dashboard. No more downloading individual reports from multiple platforms
BI and Analytics


Sales and item data for all your brands and restaurants across all of your channels
Alerts to let you know when sales have dropped or improved!
Unified view of your restaurants. We aggregate your sales data for delivery, in-store, and online
Reports on how your restaurant is performing. Let us handle your weekly and monthly reports

How our Analytics
Optimize Your Restaurant

More Data. More Clarity. More Sales.
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Unified Reporting
We bring all of your sales data and metrics from every one of your brands, restaurants, and channels all in one place.
Simple Dashboards
No analysis paralysis. Just easy-to-understand and use charts and numbers to better understand how your restaurant is performing
Real-time alerts and Reports
Sales are up? (or down). We'll let you know so you can address it immediately.

Improve how your Restaurant

Whether you use our out-of-the-box reports, customize your own, or use our APIs and apps, you can measure exactly what’s important to your business with maximum flexibility.

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