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Manage your reviews, messages, emails and customer interactions all from one place. We tell you what your customers are saying at all times, so that you can focus on bringing them in and keeping them around
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Manage four times more customer reviews and interactions with Momos.
Restaurants see a 30% increase in customer engagement after using Momos.
Nearly all diners (93%) read reviews before choosing what restaurant to dine-in or order from.
Customer Service


Reputation management and Customer Feedback
Chat-bot, auto-responses
Customer sentiment analysis
In-house surveys and multi-channel support

Engage Your Customers
Grow your Restaurant

Your customers already love your food. Let them hear from you too.
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Total Understanding of your Diners
Our in-house built models use natural language processing to help you understand what your reviewers are saying. We tell you where you are doing well, or could use some improvement.
Customer Analytics Down to Each Location
We'll let you know when your reviews are down or up. You know your restaurant best, we just fill in the gaps.
Automate your Replies
Our chat-bots and auto-response features allow you to respond to your customers in record time.

Improve how your Restaurant Operates

Momos is custom built for restaurants everywhere. Our tools and reports save you time and help you better measure your business so you can grow your restaurant effectively. Go back to running your restaurant, and leave the rest to us.

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