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How Baskin Robbins Malaysia Tripled Google Ratings and Achieved 10x ROI in 8 Weeks

Baskin Robbins leveraged Momos to grow its customer retention and repeat visits, acquiring thousands of customer profiles for the brand to promote new product lines.

Before partnering with Momos in 2022, our data and reports were scattered across various online platforms, making analysis a manual and time-consuming process. Momos has significantly improved our efficiency, allowing us to redirect our focus to more critical tasks.

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Brand Overview

Locations: 150

Momos Partner Since: 2022

The Challenge

Baskin Robbins wanted to tap into customer sentiment and insights to analyze trends and drive sales. It was mission-critical for the business to enhance its ratings and discovery to attract new customers and boost sales, especially for new product categories.

The Solution

Using Momos Surveys and Return Offers, Baskin Robbins introduced a centralized feedback system. On completing targeted surveys, customers were rewarded with discounts on future visits, boosting ratings and repeat business. Customer profiles were also captured for new product lines in exchange for vouchers, driving promotions and sales with a high ROI..


in revenue


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repeat visits


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The Brand 

Baskin Robbins Malaysia, a renowned nationwide brand with 150+ locations, operates on a fast-paced, high-turnover model.

As one-time guests represent a significant portion of the customer mix, improving overall guest satisfaction has become a priority, especially in the competitive post-Covid era where relying on deals and promotions are no longer sufficient.

Baskin Robbins understood the critical role of Google ratings in influencing customer perceptions and location rankings, which ultimately affected conversions from search. With fewer than three reviews per location per month, Baskin Robbins' outlets were vulnerable to the impact of a single negative review on their overall ratings. Low feedback volumes could also misrepresent the true customer experience, limiting visibility into what management should prioritize.

Baskin Robbins also wanted to drive repeat business from existing customers without the cost of a comprehensive rewards system. Despite having an in-house customer engagement solution, the team had limited segmentation into customer profiles and sentiments from online and in-store interactions, impacting their ability to personalize campaigns.

To address these issues, the Baskin Robbins team turned to Momos to understand their business at scale and improve decision making with better customer insights.

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The Challenge

The company faced three significant challenges related to customer engagement:
  • Drive conversion from discovery

Boosting and maintaining high ratings across all locations, especially underperforming ones, to attract new customers with a solid reputation when they search for dining options

  • Drive retention:

Deepening their customer understanding and improving operational excellence to encourage repeat visits.

  • Drive sales:

Growing the lifetime value of new and existing customers by improving adoption across their product mix (i.e. ice cream cakes)

A specific pain point for the business was understanding the market performance and factors impacting new category sales. Historically, the chain found it challenging to consolidate insights across the entire marketing funnel, from content engagement to purchase intention and actual sales, limiting how the brand measured performance and optimized product launches.

The Solution

With Momos Surveys and Return Offers, Baskin Robbins set up a unique feedback system that centralized customer interactions across all channels and locations.

They deployed customizable surveys using custom QR codes specific to each channel, placing them on in-store receipts and delivery bags. 

Restaurant staff at the point of sale encouraged customers to participate in the survey for rewards. Survey completions rewarded customers with digital discount vouchers for future visits, driving repeat business. Momos Surveys directed happy customers to share positive reviews on Google and alerted the team to take action on negative feedback. 

Additionally, Baskin Robbins used targeted QR codes on receipts to promote new products and collect purchase intent. The chain directed customers to a landing page, offering ice cream cake vouchers to customers who opted to share their data. With this strategy, Baskin Robbins could identify customer interest in new products, personalize their campaigns, and drive sales.

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The Results

Within 8 weeks, the chain registered 5,000+ survey submissions, expanding their customer database significantly with unique profiles. They also saw a surge in Google ratings, with average monthly ratings increasing by 20% and positive feedback tripling in volume.

The brand also reported enhanced customer retention, with over 40% of survey participants returning within 30 days to redeem their offers. This high return rate translated into a 10x ROI. Moreover, Baskin Robbins gained valuable insights into customer sentiment, discovering that over 93% had a positive experience. They could directly contact and win back the remaining 7%, preventing negative experiences from impacting their Google ratings.

Baskin Robbins also drove substantial revenue growth in adjacent product categories, specifically ice cream cakes. Nearly 20% of customers who engaged with the survey also interacted with the ice cream cake offer, generating over 1,000 high-intent customers within eight weeks. Of these, 30% made a purchase, generating more than 30,000 RM (or $6,300) in sales over two months. 

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